Monday, October 20, 2008

HA-S700 Update (sort of)

I sort of gave up on the HA-S700. I let them burn if with pink noise for another 10 hours or so but they did not get any better. So, for the benefit of anyone who reads this, I gave them to my sister since she listens to books on tape day and night. I think I'll give them another shot when they have a few hundred hours of use but for now I can not recommend them to anyone looking for sound quality. If you don't really care about great sound but want something that sounds decent and is really comfortable, looks nice (read: familiar), and is well built consider them recommended.

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Nathan said...

Does "burning in" headphones with pink noise really help them sound better? That sounds fishy / fake to me.

I just did a cursory Google search about this and saw a bunch of people in a forum claiming it's helping their headphones spectacular amounts. However one can also find webpages where people say it's all bogus.

What is the theory behind this practice? How could it actually help the headphones? Can you point me to some sort of actual research that supports the theory of the practice beyond just what some dude claims in a forum online?

- Nathan