Thursday, November 1, 2007

It Begins

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to set out on a headphone review blog for a while but I've always been too lazy to really get around to it. Until today (obviously). I am currently sitting in a two hour international law class and I lost my train of thought about an hour ago so I figured why not just finally get around to it?

Here's my background. I own or have owned about 40 pairs of headphones and all styles of in-ear phones over the past two years when my hobby/addiction started. They have ranged in price from $10-$200 dollars and suit many tastes and listening styles. Of all the headphones I've owned, I really find myself listening two pairs more than any of the others and I am really happy with them but I just keep on buying more.

I don't currently have anything fantastically expensive or elite but I guess I am simply looking for the ultimate cheap and portable setup. I have two DAPs (digital audio players) and two headphone amps as well. This blog will not be limited to headphone reviews - although that will definitely be the focus - but I will try to comment about all of the audio gear that passes through my life.

The reviews on this blog will be written for the common reader who likes to enjoy his or her music. Some "audiophile" terms will be used but they will be translated and explained. I'd like for this blog to be an enjoyable read for everyone from an audio newb to a seasoned listener.

I'd also like to point out that the upcoming reviews are nothing but opinions. My opinions. My very very smart and probably close to The Absolute Truth opinions. But they are still naught but opinions and I am sure many readers will disagree to some extent with my reviews and comments. So please use that comment button beneath my posts. Let me know you are out there and be heard by the multitude of readers in the blog-o-sphere. Think I'm a jerk and so wrong that I should lose my right to free speech? (You may have serious issues [these are HEADPHONE reviews we are talking about]) Post! Let the world know. Like what I have to say and want to give me a pat on the back or shower me with gifts? Then I definitely encourage you to post. Either way, please enjoy!

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